Workin' hard

An article on Slate reports on an international study that says women and men work the same amount of time throughout the week when the hours counted include both "market work" and "home work". In developed countries, the disparity between how long men and women work is negligible. This contradicts some previous studies and widely-held perceptions that women work more.

I think my favorite quote from the article is the last paragraph:
Many women with demanding careers tell me that it is women working full-time in the market, not women overall, who work more than comparable men. This study cannot settle that question because it does not report work time separately for people with and without market jobs. But if women with careers work more than men, while women overall work the same amount as men, then women without market jobs must work less than men. Men can use that argument to hit the couch in the afternoon. Or to end up there at night.


Ashley said...

I do have a hard time believing that "keeping the home" for just a husband (no children) is as much a full-time job as some women make it out to be. Even with a townhouse as big as a small house, I honestly don't think I would find enough to do to fill my day. I think I would have to freelance or volunteer part time, or have some other activity.

Now if I had a home business, or kids, or a farm or something, that would be another story.

(I'm assuming you were making a reference to that?)

Joanna said...

I actually wasn't making reference to much of anything here. I was under the impression that women DID work more than men, especially working-outside-the-home women, based on statistics I've seen about what percentage of the housework the spouses do, even when they both work. I thought the last paragraph was funny.


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