Camera-Phone Captures o' the Month...

OK, so I'm slacking on the cameraphone series front. Here's a few really random pictures I've taken in the last month.

Anyone recognize these? I knit 5 dishcloths in the space of a few weeks leading up to Easter and was able to give them out as gifts (1 as a birthday gift, 2 as baby gifts, 2 as Easter gifts) . It was fun.

Once upon a time, spring came to Indiana. It was delightful and warm, and everyone was happy. We went walking on the Monon Trail and in downtown Carmel to see the sites...
This is a fire hydrant in the middle of the field. Josh thought it was funny. How would a truck get there?

This is a lady with her groceries who let me take her picture... I mean, a statue of a lady with her groceries who let me take her picture. Shopping as public art in.. where else? Carmel.

These are two sunsets that the phone was unable to do justice, back when it was warmer.

And, unrelatedly, who knows the significance of this almost-month-old picture?

That's all for now!


beth said...

Oooh, Oooh, I recognize those dishcloths! By the way, thank you so much! They're so cute, and I love that you put Benjamin's initial on his! You're so talented. :-)

And, Pi Day, of course, silly.

Ashley said...

Hooray! Dischloths. :-) I never did write you back about that, did I? I need to.

That woman carrying groceries looks very realistic (in the smaller picture). Is there a particular reason...?

Joanna said...

Carmel purchased these public-art pieces for way too much money to put in their downtown area, all from the same artist. One is of this lady (outside a butcher shop). There's another of a man sitting on a bench reading the newspaper (containing an article about the artist), one of a little girl with a watering can (by a garden, outside a Children's Art Gallery), one of a man playing the violin (outside a music instruments & lessons shop) and, my favorite, a statue of a man teaching his daughter to ride a bike (next to a popular walking/biking trail). Those are all of them, off the top of my head.

And then some of them were vandalized, and Carmel purchased an expensive video monitoring system to watch all of them.


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