Sunday Basketball Adventures

Yes, it took me all week to post about our adventure LAST weekend to the Pacer game in downtown Indy. It was the third Pacer game I had been to in my life, and the fourth professional basketball game. The first I went to was when I lived in Hawaii, where my dad had tickets to a Lakers exhibition game, because Hawaii doesn't have any professional teams. Anyway, the Pacers haven't been doing so hot, and my company was having to twist arms to get people to take the tickets (or so it seemed). We planned to go to this game pretty far ahead of time, and brought along one of our favorite sports fans (my brother-in-law), and he invited a friend. From the picture, you can see the seats were pretty good- beats the last seats we had at a Pacer game, in the second to top row (but with good company!). The game started slowly, and the score was close in the fourth quarter, but the Pacers fell behind with 2:18 to go, and never recovered. Although they lost, there was plenty more entertainment, as well as sights to see on the street. My favorite: the R2D2 mailboxes. Priceless.

pacer game

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Ashley said...

Hehe we saw those R2D2 mailboxes too when we were walking around downtown a few weekends ago! I cracked up. :-)


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