Knitted Headband

I love quick knitting projects.

I was looking for my next knitting project, after finishing a few dishcloths around Eastertime, and found this technique called a "dropped-stitch bind-off" that produced a open, lacy effect AND doubled the length of my knitting. Cool. I had to give it a try.

I settled on some variation of this headband. I cast on 17 stitches (any odd number of stitches will work) and knit until I had about 6 inches done. This was probably too much. Anyway, the important part: I followed the cast-off directions, which were
knit first stitch, drop second off needle. knit next stitch and slip the first stitch over that and off your needle (just like a normal bind off).

drop the next stitch off the needle. knit the next stitch and bind off. repeat this process to end (dropping every other stitch off needle).

Once this is done, I pulled at the band to 'unravel' the dropped stitches all the way through. This resulted in a band twice as long as what I had. I used the tails on either end of the work to gather the ends, then attached a button to one end. The button fit through any of the newly-created holes in the headband, so I didn't have to worry about a buttonhole.

I LOVE the result. When I was little, I wore headbands all the time, then decided they weren't cool sometime during junior high. I wore the headband today and thought it was great- I very rarely wear my hair down nowadays, but this kept my hair from bothering me such that I didn't try to put it up all day. I'll have to make more, in different colors, and I can accessorize! (And those that know me are saying: Joanna? Accessorize? Not possible.)

Action shot:


Joe the Wonder Sloth said...

Looks like a really good "leftover yarn" project. Hmmmm...

Stephanie said...

That is very pretty! Everyone always has these great knitting projects! {sigh}


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