Snowed In

I drove to work this morning- and got there at 7:08, about when I normally make it there. I had to drive slower than usual, because one of the roads I take was barely plowed. I pull into the parking lot and realize - there aren't any other cars here. I'm usually the 3rd to 5th person here in the morning.
The half of the parking lot I park in isn't plowed yet.
I parked anyway, and decided to wait it out for a bit, until someone else got in, or I got an email saying the office was closed for the day. About 10 minutes later, a coworker shows up, and he decides to not stay. I left too.

So now I have an unexpected day off! I like work, but a bonus free day leaves open so many options. I could cook. I could knit. I could try to venture out and get some pictures of the blizzard outside. I could read. I could blog more. I'm definitely going to get caught up on housework. Oh, the possibilities!


Ashley said...

Hooray! Snow days! I love unexpected days off. :-)

Corey said...

Even Taylor closed their offices today. You know things are bad when that happens! Fortunately for me, this is a World of Warcraft patch day (servers down until 3pm) so I might get some housework done too. :)

Anonymous said...

I had a snow day today too, as did my kids. We worked on a science fair experiment. It was loads of fun!



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