At 10:58:24 am this morning, this blog reached a milestone: 10,000 hits on the page counter. I knew this was coming, so haven't visited the blog front page for a few days, not wanting it to be me... how anti-climactic would that be? Anyway, we have a winner, and they are a certain couple whose ISP registers as out of Lapel, IN, and browse with Firefox on a Mac. Hooray!
- #9,999 was from Dakar, Singapore via the Blogger Navigation bar
- #9,998 was from Scottsboro, AL
- #9,997 was from New Orleans, LA searching Google for "borders chai tea" (My blog is the last result on the front page of that search...)
- #10,001 was Josh's parents or my brother-in-law.
- #10,003 was someone from Szeged, Hungary googling 'keeping feet' - this blog is the 4th result. (#10,002 is from Indy, and that's all I know, so it's kinds boring.)

I love seeing the variety of places & ways people get here. It's interesting. If there's anyone out there who's been lurking and not commenting, let me know! I like new friends.

In case you're interested, here's how many of that 10,000 came over the last year (and, obviously, February isn't over yet, so the numbers for Feb. are off)...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! You guys are awesome!

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Ashley said...

Wow! 10,000! That's a lot!

By the way, I was reading a magazine the other day and it published something from a reader who was in "Lebanon, IN". I thought of you! :-)


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