Crazy Times

In a way, I'm looking forward to the next week and a half, in another, I'm not.
We're going to get to hang out with lots of cool people, celebrate my husband's birthday a few times, and generally be social for quite a few days in a row. The downside comes from the introvert in me, who wants to go and curl up and hide in my room after many hours on end with groups of people. Now, it's true I've definitely improved in this regard: I'm better about hanging out with people for longer periods of time without totally being a party-pooper, I'm just no Caroline.

So, that said, here's a picture of my next many days:

  • Starting yesterday through Monday, we're housesitting/babysitting a 9-year-old and 16-year-old. I discovered that cooking for 4 is different than cooking for 2. I also discovered the dishwasher fills up more quickly. The perks: I got to watch Beauty and the Beast last night, and it's not often I get to watch Disney movies. Apparently 9-year-old girls like them better than 23-year-old men.

  • Monday is Josh's birthday, and we also have small group. I volunteered to bring a cake Monday, so that will be the cooking adventure Sunday afternoon.

  • Tuesday, we're back home, and my parents offered to take us out to eat to celebrate their son-in-law's birthday. I hope to have cake leftover from Monday to share.

  • Wednesday, Josh has choir practice and I have a night off, except for all the catching-up on laundry I'll need to do. Also, I'll probably bake a dessert (unless there's cake left over -- doubtful) for ...

  • Thursday, I'm excited to have a couple friends over for dinner from the Muncie/Upland region. One of them is bringing the main course, so I just need to worry about sides & dessert, which is easy (I about said, 'which is a piece of cake' but then realized, no, the cake will probably be gone by then.).

  • Friday, we're going to Lebanon to celebrate the birthday boy with his parents. A good time should be had by all, and, thankfully, I don't think I'm supposed to bring anything.

  • Saturday, Dave's hosting a party in Broad Ripple, because his birthday's the same day as my dear husband's. He had said he would prefer guests bring snacks to the party rather than presents, so I told him I'd bring a cake or cupcakes (because it IS a BIRTHDAY party, and I'm certain that, in that house full o' guys, no one will be baking a cake.). I'm also considering making the no-knead bread again, in 2 smaller loaves, and making one into a bread bowl to hold spinach dip. Basically to give me an excuse to make spinach dip, which I love (and know the host Dave likes).

  • Sunday: Colts in the Super Bowl. We don't have plans right now, but expect to have options when the time comes. Note my new banner, stolen from the Indy Star site.

After writing this all out, I feel better. Though the week is full, I'm looking forward to each evening individually, and spending time with loved ones. All shall be well, and it shall be fun.

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