Dishcloth angel

Using a pattern I found online, I completed my first independent knitting project. I picked the pattern because it looked like fun, I could understand it, and it include lots of different stitches and patterns, so it would be interesting. I started it late Friday night and finished it Sunday morning. I'm moderately pleased with the result. It's not bad for a first try. Can you see the angel's dress, head, and wings?


Now I'm starting on that scarf with the pretty yarn that I promised in the comments earlier.


Kristen said...

I like it! great job!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I like it! Very nice job. I think I'd go with a different color next time - perhaps something white to make it look more angelic. ;-) But I could immediately see the head and wings and dress. So are you going to use it as a dishcloth?
- Ashley

(BTW I had to post this as anonymous because Blogger wasn't letting me post it any other way.)

Joanna said...

Thanks. The angel is blue because that's the color of cotton yarn I had. No other reason :) Josh said he had a hard time distinguishing the head & wings. And, no, I probably won't use it as a dishcloth.

I logged out of my Blogger account to see what it would do, and it's allowing me to post a comment using a Google or Blogger username, a typed name/webpage, or anonymous. (When I tried to use my Blogger account, however, it told me that because I've switched to Beta, I have to use my Google account) Kristen seemed to be able to log-in OK too. I don't know, sorry.

mrs.burke said...

I'm impressed that you tackled something with so much shaping so early. Good job!

I agree with your "knitting = slowing down" post from earlier. It really does keep me from being as impatient when I have to sit still. I got a lot of it done while I was sitting in the hospital between feedings during the last 2 weeks.


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