Cameraphone Captures O' the Week

This week's cameraphone captures are Christmas trees that caught my attention. There's only a couple.

I didn't get a good angle on this to get the full effect, but this was a fairly small car, with a decent-sized tree on top. The whole thing looked kind of comical.

There was a huge tree in the lobby of our church this week. Josh estimated it was 20 feet tall. I asked him it if was real (I assumed No) but he said it was. I can't imagine how they got it in. There was a sign at the base of the tree saying it was donated. The ball ornaments on the tree were the size of soccer balls.


Ashley said...

Hey did you switch to Blogger Beta? Does that mean it works for group blogs too? I've been wonder when I can and if I should switch.

Joanna said...

YES!! I was SO excited this weekend to see that I could switch. And, yes, it works for your group blog when everyone on your group blog switches. Also, you have to have a Google account to log into Blogger Beta (i.e. I now log in as joshandjoanna)

Ashley said...

Hey how do you switch over? I have a Google account, but I can't see any way of connecting that to my blogger account. Does that mean I'm not allowed to switch yet?


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