More Little Joys

I walked to work and back yesterday. The weather was perfect, and it was probably the last day nice enough to walk till spring. As I walked to work, the horizon had just started to glow red with the sunrise. The moon was still bright and visible. It was a great way to start the day.

I made a pot of Ceylon tea this morning and it started my day almost as well as yesterday's walk. I've had one mug-full so far, and I'm thinking about going back for a second.

A couple coworkers have a passion for board games, and we're having a game night tonight, complete with Scrabble, Ticket To Ride, and Carcassone.

While in the midst of writing this, I got an email from a friend with an update on his life. It was good to hear that everything was going well. He sent me today's Foxtrot comic that he said reminded him of me... and is appropriate, considering today's company Game Night.

Gmail has new features. I think they're pretty slick. Yay for AJAX.

Our weekly Friday breakfast included cinnamon raisin bagels rather than plain bagels.

My one of my brother-in-laws went to dinner with us last night at the new Indianapolis Scotty's. I love that place.

There were surely be more.


Ashley said...

I actually was about to email you that same comic! :-)

Joanna said...

He beat you by exactly 2 hours. That's really funny. Great minds think alike, I guess.


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