Camera-Phone Captures o' the Week

My walk home from work Thursday, while not as peaceful as the morning walk TO work, still had a nice glow to it. This is a retaining pond in the office complex I work in, that tends to attract Canada geese.

I did a cooking experiment this week and made pita chips, mostly inspired by this recipe, but I didn't print it out, so I had forgotten the details and cooked the pita chips at too high a temperature and for only 5 minutes. they were crisp and well-seasoned, and a good use for the pitas in the fridge. We ate them as a side with spaghetti and meatballs.

We went to the Pacer-Magic game last night with 6 other family menbers, which the Pacers won. Our seats were the second-to-top row in the entire stadium, but I was actually surprised how visible the game was. The only other time I had been to a Pacer game, I was sitting MUCH closer, but the angle of the seats wasn't as steep, so people got in the way of the game, and I definitely couldn't see the whole court, only the end I was on. Not that the basketball game was the point during this trip- we wanted to go and share time with family. I had a wiggly four-year-old in my lap about 75% of the game, and it was delightful.

Before the game was over, we began to hear a booming coming from outside... the fireworks got set off early, apparently. They were still going when we left Conseco Fieldhouse, and I did my best to capture a couple pictures... I don't think Josh liked me stopping and standing in the middle of the sidewalk with the crowds of people trying to walk around me.

Assuming I continue to use my camera phone, this 'Captures o' the Week' may be a recurring theme.

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Ashley said...

I like this. :-) You should continue to do "Captures o' the Week" in the future!


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