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For those of you at Taylor, go hear David Goetz, author of Death By Suburb speak at the IFC event Thursday. He's from Wheaton (the town not the school), so what he has to say will ring true with all the Chicago suburbians, at least, and then anyone who grew up in a typical suburb or plans on moving to one someday. Having grown up in Carmel, the most stereotypical suburb in the Indianapolis area, the points he has in his book hit the nail on the head for me. I was seriously considering driving up there to hear him, until it was announced that he was also going to be at MY church, for a 4-hour seminar while Josh is working Saturday. Hooray. So I'll be there. And hopefully have the book done by then.
(for more insight, check out the blog post I wrote before I started the book, and the comment on it from the author himself)

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Ashley said...

I guess you're saying that I should come up to Indiana to visit. :-) And that's pretty cool that the author commented on your blog! I hadn't seen that before.


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