Cameraphone Captures O' the Week

This week was slow on the camera-phone front, because I used my film camera much of last weekend and again on Thanksgiving, and this weekend the new camera purchase took pictures for me rather than my neglected cameraphone. Another reason my cameraphone is getting neglected is that the memory's full, and it's a pain to delete one or two pictures every time I want to take another. That said, here's the story of our friends' pets.
I've been helping out my friends and taking their dog Mr Happy on a walk a couple times a week while they've been with their son at the hospital. Mr Happy is the Coolest Dog Ever, and lives up to the "Happy" part of the name, and then some.

And us trotting away happily on a walk:

I was glad the weather was perfect this week for getting out on a walk with the dog. I looked forward to an excuse to stretch my legs and get outside.

They have a few outdoor cats, too, that are pretty friendly. Here, we have a silhouette against the sun setting of the black cat on a shed, and a cute picture of the calico one. I like the calico cat, its colors are great.


mrs.burke said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying them. :-) That is a nice picture of the black cat! He also gets on the roof of the garage at times.

Joanna said...

My dad said he liked that picture best too... said he looks like a jaguar.


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