I've been domesticated.
Not entirely, I suppose- I still work outside the home- but I've begun to feel the reality of housekeeping. It's not all bad, actually. I've acquired a newfound hobby in cooking, and cleaning, in a way, I see as an act of service to my husband and responsibility to my guests (No one wants to visit a cluttered house!) Glasses and clothes left around the house now bother me to no end, and piled dishes or laundry make me feel like I'm failing in my pursuit. I do my best to keep up.

I will admit, while washing dishes at 10:30 last night, after returning from a late-night Meijer run and putting away the groceries, I was not as joyful about keeping house as I've been. It was somewhat more discouraging because I knew the reason I was cleaning these dishes last night rather than a more acceptable hour was so I could mess them up again tonight- I planned on cooking dinner for three then three apple pies (The apple pies will still get cooked. Two of the three who were to eat dinner are now eating out, so I'm off the hook there.) It's a never ending cycle I suppose I'll get used to and accept at some point.

I was called 'industrious' today. I'm off to live up to it. I'll let you know how the apple pies go- making a pie's easy (... as pie?), making the crust is what I'm worried about. It'll be an adventure!

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Ashley said...

Hehe I know what you mean! Well, clutter has always bothered me, but now I realize it's my responsibility to pick it up... when you're little it's easy to blame brother and/or sister! :-)

I still don't enjoy cooking but I do feel a sense of great satisfaction when the laundry is in the washer, the kitchen is being cleaned up, and the rest of the house is on its way to looking spotless.

I hope the pie turns out well! :-) I need to have my mom teach me how to make one because apparently making crusts is a Peck family trademark.


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