Time on the Fundamentals

Time Magazine has 2 articles out right now that are interesting. Both explore fundamentals of Us- Our Human-nesss and our Families.

Nuclear Implosion
This examines the diverse definition of 'family' in Europe where falling birth and marriage rates are the norm. It made em wonder: How much of this European culture will make it across the pond in coming years?

What Makes us Different?
This article from the US Time explores the subtle DNA differences in chimps and humans, and how that somehow makes us a very different creature. While the article relies heavily on evolution to explain differences, the scientific facts of the case make me marvel how God could use such a small thing (DNA) as his 'building block of creation', and use it with such detail that even after extensive study, we still don't understand it. God's pretty smart.


beth said...

We, unfortunately, always seem to be right behind Europe in their changes and trends. From clothes to sexuality to relationships... They were hip first, gay first, and divorced first. It might have to do with the fact that they just plain came first.

beth said...

I forgot to mention religion! They were also Christian first, and athiest/agnostic first. We followed right along in that way, too.


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