Adventures in the 1830s

I'm all about free culture- interesting things to do that don't cost anything. That's why Josh and I took advantage of Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day last Saturday, and ventured to Conner Prairie in Fishers for a few hours. The free admission was a plus (a $22 value!) but we had talked about visiting the 'living history museum' anyway, because I had never done a full tour of the place, and Josh hadn't been since elementary school field trips.
One of the most interesting parts of the trip was getting a guided tour of the home of William Conner, the founder of Noblesville. We learned how to make candles, heard about schooling in the early 1800's, saw a blacksmith at work and wandered in and out of houses and talked to the residents about cooking, herbal medicine, furs, and other things that people of the 1830s discuss. The militia was teaching kids how to march up and down the street, complete with a drummer boy. Before we got to the 'town' I liked checking out the animals- sheep, pigs, cats. My favorite moment: While waiting for our tour, I saw a group listening to the lady making candles. All the people were in what appeared to be 1830s garb, dressed in plain, solid color dresses, pants and suspenders, hats and head coverings. I wondered why the actors at the museum were gathered around listening to another actor, when I saw one of the listeners was in a wheelchair- and not an 1830s wheelchair! It was only then I realized that the visitors were Amish, but I could barely distinguish them from the costumed people in the town! It made me smile, and I discussed with Josh what they might think of the actors, and wondered how different their life now is from the pioneers depicted at the museum.

Other events of the weekend included a 50th birthday party, lunch with my parents, and pie baking. All went wonderfully.

(Note: I'll probably update this later with pictures.)
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Ashley said...

That sounds really fun and I love your picture of the cat. :-) I remember we were going to go there once when I was at Taylor, but for some reason the trip fell through. Now I'm sad! It looks like a neat place.

Joanna said...

The cat was for you :)


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