Kitchen experiments

Dinner tonight was an experiment for me- a chicken pot pie. This is one of my favorite meals my mom would cook, so I decided to try my hand at it. My mom had given me a recipe, but not specified how to make the crust (my favorite part!), so I went hunting for another recipe that included a crust. I coulda sworn I had one, but couldn't find it, so settled on one using refrigerator biscuits as a topping. That was disappointing, but I gave it a shot anyway. After finding the recipe, I made the white sauce as it directed but kinda threw in whatever vegetables we had on hand. I steamed carrots in my new rice cooker, cooked potatoes, and threw in frozen corn, peas, and green beans, because it sounded like a good idea. It ended up being a much quicker meal than I anticipated, and healthy, too, with all the vegetables.

The results: Overall, a pretty good meal. Next time, I'm going to leave out the green beans, and steam the carrots a little longer. I'm also going to research a good crust recipe, since the biscuits on top were OK but I prefer a flaky crust all around.

Not to be outdone, Josh cooked up his favorite treat- pudding cake- and we ate it with Cool Whip and it was a yummy for dessert. The 'pudding cake' tastes very much like cake covered in hot fudge. I liked it.

I'm going to experiment tomorrow with a pizza crust recipe I found online- I've been using a Jiffy pizza crust mix and it's turned out bready, and I prefer a chewy crust. Hopefully my experiment will turn out well. The recipe makes like 6 crusts, I think I will cut it in half then freeze a couple balls of dough. We'll see. It's an adventure :)

All my other adventures are getting rained out this weekend, so I'm not sure how much I'll have to report come Monday.


Joanna said...

So, who woulda thought, the day after I blogged about Josh's pudding cake, the daily AllRecipes baking RSS feed featured a "Floating Brownie" recipe that's essentially the same thing.

mrs.burke said...

We make this chicken pot pie from time to time:


I tend to add more carrots or peas than it calls for, and also I don't bother letting the filling cool off before baking it. If you use this recipe, the baking temperature is wrong-- we bake it at 400 or 425 for about 30 minutes.

And here is the pie crust we use for it:


Mr. B. adds 1 T of sugar to the crust as well.

Good luck in pot pie land.... YUM. We are also enjoyers of the brownie pudding cake type confections.


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