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OK, so I guess maybe I've been bored. I'm ready for a change and kinda want a new banner. I went through all my photographs I have, and picked/cut out pictures of feet, and put the title of my blog on them. I'll put the Tolkien quote below as text. I thought about just having one of the pictures randomly load when the blog is loaded, but thought that would get annoying for dial-up users. Therefore, I need more artistic input than my own to choose a new banner.

These are the pictures I came up with:

keeping feet
Sep 6, 2006 - 16 Photos

I'll admit, the GIMP frustrates the heck out of me, so these were created in Paintbrush... I know, it's bad.

Let me know what you think. To make it a fun game: How many people can you identify by their feet?!


Ashley said...

Hey! I like! I recognize some of those pictures from when they were taken, although I don't necessarily know whose feet they are. You have a lot of cool fonts on your computer! That first one with the shoes is probably one of my favorite fonts.

My favorites: #1, 4, 6, 9, 10 (although you've had that for a while), 12, 14, and 16.

My top two are probably 6 and 14.

There, I hope that helps!

beth said...

i wanna see some wedding pictures. With heads, please.

Joanna said...

Beth, you aren't playing the game right. You're supposed to pick your favorite picture! :)

But if you must, check out the slide show of wedding pictures with heads here. The photographer's album isn't online anymore, sorry.

Joanna said...

I added a couple more pictures (collages, actually) to the running. Check them out.


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