Return to Normality

Finally, it's been a relatively quiet week. I'd almost call it 'normal'. The family reunion was last week in Frankfort, and that was delightful as always. I went swimming for the first time this summer, and a few of the kids found a new favorite game- the "Everyone Hangs On to Joanna While She Swims Back and Forth in the Pool" game. It was fun, and I got a workout. It was a beautiful day, and I got some great pictures. I'd post them, but they're all of people, mostly kids, and I as a rule don't post pictures of other people's kids without permission.

Well, the only excitement this week was, Josh got a sunburn at the reunion (I got a slight sunburn too, but nothing that bothered me very much), and I put lotion on his shoulders and back Tuesday night, only to discover that he was allergic to the lotion. All night, every 4 hours, when the previous dose of Benadryl wore off, his back itched and stung until the next dosage took effect. No fun at all. Actually, it was really bad and scared me. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep Tuesday night, and Josh didn't go to work Wednesday. Apparently the lotion only lasted about 18 hours (though it advertises 24!) and he was OK by Wednesday evening. Lesson learned.

Tonight we had Caroline and her boyfriend over for fondue and I'm still very full. It was very fun and very yummy. We started with a Swiss-cheese fondue we had with bread. For the main course we cooked steak, salmon, shrimp, mushrooms, chicken and broccoli in oil. For dessert (which we didn't quite leave room for...) we made a chocolate-marshmallow dip we ate with strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, graham crackers, and angel food cake. Delicious. Good food and good company.

This weekend looks to be the least busy we've had in a very long time. I'm excited about that. I'm a bit behind on doing laundry, and I've been wanting to do yoga all week, so maybe this weekend I'll find the time for both. The only plans are church and dinner with my parents. Wonderful, empty days full of possibilities.


Ashley said...

Well every single post on this page has one comment, from me, so I feel obligated to continue with the tradition.

Poor Josh - about the lotion. :-( Was it just regular lotion, or aloe stuff? My dad says never to put lotion on a sunburn until it is not hot to the touch - it's better to use cold washcloths and aloe gel. Just FYI.

By the way, when I was little, I totally got into the game "Everyone Hangs On to [insert name here] While He/She Swims". I'm sure I annoyed many a person.

Joanna said...

Ashley? That wasn't really you, it was posted too early!

It seemed like normal lotion, I had been using it for like 2 years, but, yeah, I looked closer at the bottle, and it definitely has a "You might get a sunburn if using this" warning on the back, so it's just specifically not good for sunburns.

I definitely promptly went out and bought aloe.

Ashley said...

So I finally checked to see if you responded to my comment... and now I don't remember what day I left the comment! If it was last Tuesday or Wednesday it could have been me, due to the fact that I had been up for 2 hours already on those days. Yeck. :-p

I'm glad you got some aloe! I hope it helps any future sunburns.


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