Weekend stories

Excitement of the weekend:
  • CLUB EVENTS - On Friday night, there was a Computer Science Club party at my house. I was being all domestic and cooked pizza, cheese dip, and brownies for teh crowd. Actually, I just made one pizza for Josh, Melissa & I. Everything else was to share. Then, Saturday morning, Josh's Storm Chase Club had an Adopt-a-Highway clean-up day. Josh & I were assigned to clean up one mile one way of 332 in Muncie. We were out there probably 3 hours, and were sore the rest of the weekend. It was an interesting experience, cleaning the side of the road. In a way, it was humbling, picking up trash with your hands, getting honked at, getting dirty and sweat. In another way it was discouraging, seeing so much trash there, seeing that people were so irresponsible. In yet another way, it was spiritual- anytime we do something to 'make things right with the world', put things back closer to the way God would have them, it just 'feels' right. Caring for the environment is a Kingdom Value, and I did enjoy the philosophical aspect of this mundane task, when I thought of it as having a higher purpose.
    Maybe I think too much. :)

  • BIRTHDAYS - Sunday, we went to my future nephew's first birthday party. It was also Josh's dad's birthday. It was great fun, as it always is spending time with these kids.
    My highlight of the day:
    I was teasing my almost-three-year-old future nephew about using him as a pillow, and put my head on him while he sat on the couch. He hugged my head gently and sat very quietly for a little bit, then said softly "I love you." That made me very happy, and I said back "I love you too". Then he said very seriously "I won't let no any big dogs get you." I didn't laugh- but I wanted to- and said "I'm glad you're protecting me from big dogs." It was a precious moment.

  • CAR NEWS - We left Lebanon and headed back to Upland, anticipating the last excitement of the weekend- Josh's '92 Civic rolling over to 100,000 miles. Now, to put this into perspective, this car was bought by my family in Hawaii when I was in third grade. I was picked up from school in this car in Hawaii, in Georgia, and in Indiana, for most of my life. When I started driving at 16, it became my car, and, when my parents it was old enough that they wanted to get rid of it a year ago, Josh bought it. I have a strong sentimental attachment to this car, if you couldn't tell.
    Anyway, here's the proof:

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Ashley said...

Wow, I can't believe after all those years and all those places you've lived the Civic is just now at 100,000 miles! Here's to another 100,000 :-)


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