Progress o' the week

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Wednesday... I've had so many conversations about my last post that I hadn't replaced it with another. Another reason I haven't blogged is taht it's been a busy week- not crazy busy, productive-busy.
  • I've worked a total of 11 hours on my software engineering project since the last post, and plan to work another 3 today.

  • Josh & I got wedding planning done Tuesday, meeting with a DJ and a tux place. Oh, and we registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. Buy us presents. ;-)

  • Last night, I got all domestic and cleaned a week's worth of dishes as well as cooked chili for dinner Friday, not foreseeing another time to cook before then

  • Fall Break involved going on mini-roadtrips to Oubachee State Park and Richmond, IN, which were both delightful. Break also involved visiting with family and grandparents, and seeing my sister

Sorry this update is so short and non-linear. I've gotta run to yet another meeting. I'll have more profound things to say later, promise.

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