IFC Speaker

This week, I had seen email ads for the speaker David Dark, author of Everday Apocalypse and The Gospel According to America, coming to campus to speak. IFC (the student organization Integration of Faith and Culture)invited him, and I've always been intriguied by the group's mission and events, so I checked this one out.

I LOVED what this guy had to say. In his talk, he emphasized the meaning of 'apocalypse' as 'revelation' or 'unveiling.' In that context, thinking of the apocalyptic genre of art or literature doesn't only include Revelation, Daniel, and the Left Behind series, but instead encompasses anything that unveils truth, that communicates Reality. He suggests (and I agree, as I discussed here over a year ago) that any good art, entertainment, literature, or media communicates truth and Reality, and can be affirmed in some aspect. I think this is a HUGE realization for the evangelical community that needs to be embraced in a much wider way if we are going to be relevant to the world. If we are able to acknowledge value in media that is familiar to the world- not just in Veggie Tales or The Passion or Michael W. Smith- we have a starting point in discussing truth and the true nature of Reality with someone we might not connect with otherwise.

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