Installfest Success

Today was very full, and I am very exhausted and should go to bed. Yesterday I was very glad the week was over, and spent the later afternoon with Josh. We went to a park and threw a fisbee around and took a walk next to the White River. Delightful. Later in the evening, Matt and Alisse came to visit at Josh's apartment and we watched October Sky. High quality movie. Matt had exciting news- he got a job! With Ontario Systems, the same company I will be interning with this summer! So, I'll have yet-another-friend around. I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, Matt & Alisse didn't leave till 12:30, and I didn't leave Muncie till 1, so it was a late night last night.
This morning, I got up early and went to set up for Event 1 today, COSClub's Installfest. Because of our advertising via email, the Echo, and signs, we had hordes of people show up with their computers all day. It was wonderful to see the participation and teh response of campus today. I actually enjoyed fixing computers for the six straight hours I was frantically working. There were 6 of us working on the computers brought in, and we each had 3 or 4 we were juggling at any given time. There was quite a mob. The most popular request was to fix spyware or adware problems with the computer, many had been brought to the point they were unusable from adware. The second most popular request was for some of the Windows open-source programs we were installing- Firefox, Gaim, and the GIMP. Exciting times.
Unfortunately, I needed to leave to party early for Event 2 of the day- an interfloor Trivial Pursuit game then hall dinner. There was a small showing for both, but I had a good time playing Trivial Pursuit, even though we lost.
The rest of the evening's been quiet. Josh went home today to talk guest-list stuff with his parents. Before putting together a guest list, Josh & I had decided we wanted to invite no more than 150 or 200 people, and have fewer than that at the wedding. Wishful thinking on our part. My family & I put together a fairly complete list of family and friends and came up with about 75 people, a reasonable number, especially if not everyone is able to come. Josh's family put together a list of just family and very few friends and came up with over 130 names. That's a lot of people, but I want the people important to us to be able to come- especially family and close friends. We'll continue to talk about it.
One more week till Spring Break. I'm glad. And it's only half a week! My class Thursday was cancelled, and Friday is Good Friday, so, no school. I've got no big-exciting plans for Spring Break. I'm looking forward to the rest. Especially after this week.

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