My thinking time

Lots of thoughts lately. Having just one class doesn't keep me busy enough, I guess. It'd finally done though. Thank goodness. No more art, I can get back to objective studies with right and wrong answers now!
I like having this time to think. I even had time to start a book, God's Politics: Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn't get it by Jim Wallis, which I'm finding fascinating. Jim, the author, is the editor of Sojourners Magazine, a magazine for a group I've been following- a Christian group that cares about social justice and bringing faith and politics together, and distances itself from the religious Right. His book discusses some of last year's election, but mostly talks about what he sees as a Biblical stance on politics today. He doesn't endorse one party or the other- and brings up problems with both. He suggests the 'moral values' discussion in America should be broader than just gay marriage and abortion- which he feels like the discussion has solely become. Thousands of verses in the Bible talk about taking care of the poor- that should be a primary moral value- as well as taking care the environment, having just reasons to go to war, and being honest about decisions, and these issues should come into discussion as ones we apply our faith to.
The arguement he makes that most intrigues me is for a 'consistent ethic of life,' meaning, if we are pro-life on the abortion issue, which is good, the support of Choosing Life should be broader- the HIV/AIDS epidemic, capital punishment, starvation, and poverty are also life issues. I've thought about it- but haven't gotten this far into the book- if I say, for example, that I am against abortion because it is not one person's choice as to whether another lives or dies, then I must be logically consistent and also be against capital punishment, for it is not one person's choice whether another lives or dies. The baby's life is no more or less valuable than the criminal's- they are both equally loved and created by God, right? I'm also seeing that choosing and supporting life, and quality life, in the issues of HIV/AIDS and poverty is important as well. I'm not done with the book, I'll get back to you when I am with more of what I'm thinking. So far, I'm interested.
A side note: Taylor's WOW speaker Chris Huertz was also featured in Sojourner's Magazine a while back. I can see how his philosophy of ministry fits very closely with this political philosophy.

In other news, I'm headed to Wheaton tomorrow to prepare for Tree's wedding on Saturday. I'm very excited for her- after dating Dan for 7 1/2 years, its about time they got married! But I really do respect them as a couple, the way they love God and each other well. I can only hope I do the same. Saturday is another special day- Josh's 21st birthday- so we're celebrating it in Chicago after the wedding & reception. It's also David's 21st birthday Saturday. Crazy, huh?

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