my Prince

Sigh. What a lucky girl I am.
I've sad that alot in the last year or so. And meant it!
I've got a God who is bigger than my circumstances and in control and loves me well. He's my Father and my King.
I've got a family who loves and supports me.
I've got better friends than I've ever had, who I can laugh with and listen to and share with freely.
But mostly right now, I'm thinking I'm pretty lucky because of my Prince- a Prince who puts my needs and our relationship over his own desires. A Prince who is desiring to become a man of God, and growing in that way with a heart that astounds me. A Prince that will come for an afternoon and do silly things with me like walk in the park and bake cookies and play Scrabble. A Prince who will put up with me when all I have to do is complain about my day and workload and busyness, A Prince who will listen when I'm deep in thought about philosophies and worldviews and just need to reason outloud to someone. A Prince who is gentle enough to play with his 2-year-old nephew for hours on end and love it, but strong enough to fix cars and work out and make it through all his struggles. A Prince that is loyal and handsome and kind and loves me well.
He's stolen my heart.
I could go on. But I've probably already embarrassed him.
Sigh. What a lucky girl I am.

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Ashley said...

that is sooooo sweet. i'm so happy for you that you found your prince. :-D i found mine, too. i want to go on and on about him, but this is your time to shine. :-) thanks, josh, for treating joanna like a princess!! she deserves it!


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