So, I have a new diversion online. I was wandering around Barnes and Noble Friday, and found a book chronicling Googlewhacking. This new sport has gotten some press attention. Now, I think Google is the coolest thing since sliced bread, so a game using its power is extra-cool. The idea is this: Find a two-word combination that, according to Google, appears exactly once on the whole Internet (returns one and only one result). Here are the rules.
I've been playing a little this morning, and haven't been able to get much below 100 using correctly spelled words (which is a rule) but its a very intriguing game. And we all know what a word freak I am, with Scrabble and all.

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Joanna said...

I FOUND ONE! Now I ought to go to bed. Let me know if you find googlewhacks too.
segmentation lollygagAlthough, now that I've posted it here, it will give 2 results, I suppose.
Now that I've accomplished that, bedtime.


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