No, I will not fix your computer

There's a very appropriate shirt on ThinkGeek that I've definitely wanted in this last week. I've been emailed, IM'ed, called on both my cell phone and room phone, and asked on my whiteboard outside my room about computer problems. I've not walked through the lounge of my dorm all the way to my room without getting stopped, and most of my computer classes have started out with me being bombarded with questions & complaints from fellow computer science majors about the system I worked on this summer. The constant questions are wearing on me.
And, thanks to my next door neighbor not able to get Weatherbug or MSN Messenger working, I am still up at this hour. Luckily there's no school tomorrow. The goal tomorrow is to finish paper #2 for my practicum, because I have yet to have time between computer questions to sit down and finish writing it out. It shouldn't be too bad, I've got an outline... and the good news is, my practicum advisor emailed me and said "The grades for your practicum was due today, so I turned in an A for you, expecting that your papers will be the same quality of your work as your practicum. You still need to get me the papers as soon as you can." Yay! so the pressure's off somewhat, but, because I am very appreciative of the gesture, I'm going to try to get him the papers tomorrow.
Now I'm thinking, because its obvious I'm not ever saying "No, I will not fix your computer," a more appropriate shirt for me would be this one.


Ashley said...

those are great shirts, and i'm sorry about asking you computer questions :-( i will try my hardest to not mention the c-word in front of you ;-) :-)

peak said...

woo computer repair work :-P thanks for taking my role when I was there ;-) hehe. have fun with it... at least you got a chance to kinda talk to people and get to know them :o)


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