Profound Questions of the Week

OK, so a couple questions have come up in the last 2 days that I think are thought provoking. I want to know what you think too.
First, the question posed at church was Who do you think you are?
It sounds like a presumptious question, but really- who would you say you are? besides what you do or what your major is, or what you're good at, or what you're not, or who you hang out with. Those things don't define you, they come and go. Who are You-the real You with a capital Y?
Secondly, I ran across an article today about a man who was wrongfully diagnosed with HIV and lived the last 8 years thinking he was about to die.
How would this affect your life? How would you go about your days, knowing they may be your last, for days and weeks and years on end?
And, then, how would you deal with the news that your death sentence has been lifted? That you AREN'T about to die, but instead can live free of the fear over your head?
I've obviously been thinking way too much. In other news, I finished my 8-10-page paper yesterday, and still have to start and finish my 4-to-6-page paper for tomorrow, but I'm not worried. School starts tomorrow, and I don't know how I feel about that just yet. I'm spending all day today setting up computers in Olson- mad excitement, let me tell you :)

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Ashley said...

If I was told I was going to die, I would like to think that I would keep a good face and try to sieze each day. I'd probably give up my long-term goals, but I would try to make the most of everything right now. I would make a list of all the things I wanted to do, and I would finish them. Since I've never been in this situation, I don't really know, but I would really like to think that I would remain positive and not sink into the depths of despair. Maybe this is something we all should think about - we don't necessarily get a warning of our own deaths. Maybe we should be siezing the day more than we do. Living passionately and fully. Of course, that is an ideal and I don't always do that... I get depressed often, and have a negative attitude. It's an interesting thought to ponder...


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