Away too long...

I've not kept this up very well this summer, well, in the last 2 1/2 weeks. That's mostly because the last 2 1/2 weeks have been CRAZY. During the week, work has been busy because my summer project must be done in a week and a half. I want to post picures of the mad construction excitement going on around Taylor's campus including ::drum roll, please:: A SIDEWALK! Not telling where.
Weekends have been busy with adventures- camping 3 weeks ago, Kings Island 2 weeks ago, a trip to Lake Church, Wisconsin last weekend, Josh's family reunion this weekend- lots of adventures. There will be pictures and more details forthcoming, when I have time to breathe. Actually, that's what my to-do list looks like, that I will hopefully get through before the end of the summer:

1) Breathe
2) Post pictures on my blog

See? It's on my list. Actually, my list looks something more like this:

1) Get riding lawnmower working, finish mowing lawn
2) Write practicum papers
3) Figure out where I'm going to live for the last half of August
4) Breathe
5) Post pictures on my blog

So, I promise, I get through my to-do list, there will be more details on what I've been up to here. If you want details before then, because student email is down till Saturday(trust me, guys, its worth it, the new mail interface is slick), you can email me about it at MY NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT (I'm a bit excited, courtesy of Beth) jblaforge(at)gmail.com
Until then, I leave with my favorite news story of the last 2 weeks: Girlie men

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Ashley said...

Email is still down... booo ;-) (I'm complaining to you because you're the closest I can get to IT right now ;-))


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