And so it begins...

I am sitting in my dorm room. My things are mostly unpacked, a few things are still in bags strewn across the room. Girls from my floor are slowly showing up, and a murmur can be heard across campus for the excitement of everyone being here, of the new year.
However, I think I am too exhausted to be as excited as the rest. Most people here are freshman orientation group leaders- wonderful people with WAY more energy than I ever have. Working 40 hours a week all summer- until Tuesday, when classes start- has been very tiring, especially now, as students arrive and all my work is beginning to show its colors.
Where most people's internships wind down at the end, then end early enough so they can get their 16 pages of final reports written, not I. My summer project is accerlating at a rate at which I can barely keep up, and it will climax on the last day- Monday, the day before classes start, when all the students are here and will be trying to get onto the network and I will work 8 hours helping them. And yet, unless I get an extension, I have to start and finish 2 hefty papers before Tuesday about my experience working this summer. Alas.
In other news, according to David, I'm a goddess. Matt's Linux box somehow manages to bypass the system I worked so hard on this summer. My roommate Kristen is here, among other people, and I am very happy about that. I got to hang out with Katelynn Monday, and that was delightful. Josh came Tuesday while we were moving in and helped. Again, I was delighted. There surely is more, but I'm a bit to frazzled to think of it right now.

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