ICCM excitement

So, earlier this week, I was getting jealous of Melissa and Dave- two other students who work in th edungeon- because they were getting to go all over for there jobs, when I literally sat in the exact same spot all day. Not that I was bored with what I was working on, it's just that there was no change of scenery. Today that all changed: I both got to move around AND decided I am content with a desk job.
This weekend, and into next week, Taylor is hosting ICCM. (unrelated to this ICCM or this one) Anyway, my boss is VERY excited about the conference, because it is what he is passionate about: technology and missions. On the downside, he is, on a normal day, a high-strung individual, and today, he was extra-hyper, running around getting equipment in the right places and tables set up and his presenatation put together... he made me worn out just watching him. On top of being worn out just watching him, he put me to work mmoving equipment and setting things up. I was tired and wanting my desk job back before 10am! The work didn't stop at 10, however, it went till the end of the work day at 4:30. I could already feel the soreness coming on. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day to get out of bed. On top of the labor at work today, I was doing the much needed task of mowing the lawn by 5. That lasted till after 7, when Melissa & I went to eat dinner & go to WalMart & the grocery store.
And now I'm ready to crash. I probably won't, just yet. I'll probably read some first. Ah, reading, my favorite summertime activity.


Ashley said...

what are you reading right now?

Matt Wissman said...

I'm having a hard time motivating myself to read... Hope ICCM goes well!


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