Glorious day!

Today was good. Very few people would describe a day 'good' during which they spent 6 1/2 hours in the Dungeon, but I can.
I love finishing things. I am, by nature, a problem solver. Someone called that out in me this summer, and I have seen in hold true. l love being given a challenge then pondering over it until it is solved. That's why I love crossword puzzles, for example. This ISD project was a huge problem to be solved, one we've been working to figure out since last fall. Today, it is done. Our system is as working as it is going to be, and I am happy with what I came up with. I can finally let out a sigh of relief and rest and put the coding of this project behind me. Rejoice!
If I'm so delighted when I solve this little problem and finish this little thing (though few people would call our system 'this little thing') I wonder what relief Jesus felt when he completed such a big thing, saying "It is finished," and solved the eternal problem of man's separation from God?

And THEN, after I left the Dungeon at 4:00, I went to a cookout and party with people from work. Lots of fun, meeting new people (I rarely use those phrases in the same sentence-'lots of fun' and 'meeting new people'), playing croquet and bocce ball and with the Corduans' gorgeous dog.... mad excitement. And a wonderful, restful end to the afternoon after working intensely this morning. And did I mention it was a BEAUTIFUL day?!
So, yeah. Super-good day.

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