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Ah! The Blogger admin template changed! I am at a loss! I suppose I can deal... anyway, moving on.
I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people today, which was wonderful.
I got to go to church with Tree, Kristen, and Matt, and we listened to a sermon about Proverbs 31. Everytime I hear a discussion about this chapter, I think, Wow. I'll never be that much of a superwoman, being able to sew and cook and take care of the kids and the husband and the finances and the poor and needy. What hits me most is the bit about "She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue." That's the part I aspire most to: to be wise.
After church I met my mom, dad & sister at Red Lobster for lunch. It was good to spend time & catch up with them, considering I've been pretty non-communicative with the home base this week. I was excited they came all the way to Muncie to see me. I think I take my family for granted.
I got back from lunch & worked with Matt on a class project due Wednesday. We got it mostly-done, which I'm excited about, because I have the ISD presentation to worry about this week. THEN the last favorite-person-of-the-day showed up- Josh came all the way to Upland to visit me :-D We hung out in my room till the end of open house, played Scrabble for a bit, then went to the Gas City park for most of the rest of the evening. I missed him this week, so it was a relief and a joy to spend time with him.
That's the end of my Favorite-People-Day story, for the day is over and I am off to bed.

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