Finally, home.

So, I haven't posted in a couple days. But that's mainly because I haven't been in front of a computer in a while. My room at school is now bare and rearranged, and I am home. It is comforting, in a way, to finally be able to let down my guard and stress and schedule and rest for at least a couple days.
A lot's happened in the last couple days. My friends Ashley and Paul got engaged on Tuesday, and I was super-excited for them. The official announcement, which I kinda knew was coming, was at the end of teh annual Gerig Slide Show, which, this year, did not go so well and was poorly planned. Being the Hall Council Vice President, I can take the blame for part of that I suppose.
The other exciting thing that happened was me finishing the sophomore year of my college experience. I don't think it has hit me yet- I'm halfway through college on my way to Real Life. Two years from now-which, if they go as fast as this one did, isn't long- I'll be starting a Real Job to Pay Bills and Buy Food. (Everything in Real Life is more important than college life, that's why it's all capitalized.) This Real Life thing will be fun. I'm ready to get started.
I feel like my friends are starting Real Life without me, Graduating, Having Kids, Getting Married, Moving Out, Getting Real Jobs (mostly, these things aren't done in the order listed, btw)
I wonder how it'll be with me? I guess we'll see in two years.

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