End or Beginning?

Today was odd. I worked 3 hours this morning, had an hour for lunch, had a final that took me about 15 minutes, then meetings planned for the rest of the day. It was the meetings that were odd. The first was a meeting with my practicum advisor about this summer, what he expects, what assignments I have, and the like. That made me anticipate more the upcoming summer and the job, but also made me a bit apprehensive- will I be competent at the job? Will I be able to communicate well enough in my daily logs and in my papers? Will my explanations be detailed enough for my very technically-minded professor? We shall see, I suppose.
The next meeting was with my hall director and hall council president, both departing after this year. We went to Ivanhoes. :) It was a passing-the-baton of sorts, we debriefed what went well this year, and they imparted bits of wisdom about running things next year. I'm apprehensive about next year too- I feel like a larger burden of leadership has been laid on me. I'm the only returning leader in the whole hall, except for my vice-president, who was a freshman member of hall council this year.
The last meeting this afternoon was with the Aguilars. I learned lots of exciting stuff, like how to drive a lever-controlled riding lawnmower and how to use their security system. The meeting at their house made me extra-excited about living there this summer. Though I still am torn- It will be such a great place to live, Melissa & I & everyone else around will have a good time... but I'm going to miss Josh & Tree & everyone home something awful. I'm split as to where I'd rather be. I'm afraid the traveling-to-and-fro will make me disconnected with people up here as well as have more of a heartache for home, because of saying goodbyes so often. I dunno. We'll see how it goes. Alas.
So, in summary, many friends are getting reminescent about the End of the year, while I'm not going to even notice because of my starting Something New.

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Matt Wissman said...

I think you will do a great job on your practicum.


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