Adventures galore!

The last few days have been full of adventures! I like adventures, as you can see by the title of my blog and the quote by Bilbo above-- this journal is all about adventures, and how my feet have been kept and where they have swept me off to.
Saturday I was swept to Carmel to go wardriving. Now, I know wireless access point aren't a super-brand-new technology, but I had NO IDEA they were as prevalent as we found out they are. We're driving just off I-69 on our way to Carmel, & I tell Matt to get the laptop out, because we're about to get to civilization. At this point all that is in sight is cornfields. I randomly decide to turn in to Verizon Wireless Music Center, the big concert venue in Indianapolis- actually, in Noblesville, in the middle of nowhere. I thought initially, there might be wireless access for conferences there, but as I drove in the parking lot, I realized, 'What am I thinking? There aren't conferences here. Only concerts.' So I'm about to turn around, thinking it was a dumb idea to turn into this parking lot, when Matt pulls up the laptop and it IMMEDIATELY finds 6 wireless access points- and we are sitting in the middle of a huge gravel parking lot. I have NO idea where they are located or why they are there, but that was the pattern of our wardriving adventure. We picked up 102 access point driving a 5 mile stretch of a main road. It was crazy, but kinda fun, like a scavenger hunt- to discover what we could & see what was out there. If I had geeky friends near me, and lived in a populated-enough area, I totally would go wardriving for fun.
Today I went on a different sort of adventure with my boyfriend Josh. It was a delightful day. After going to the early service at church, we drove to a little town my friend had told me about called Farmland, IN. (ok, I know "Farmland, Indiana" is redundant, but bear with me.) Farmland ranked up there with 'cutest little towns ever' We went there mainly to go the the Chocolate Moose, which I can honestly say had less of a selection but higher quality shakes than our very own Ivanhoes. We ate lunch at the Farmland Family Restaurant/Pizza King, which was also a very cute place. We drove around the area and saw neat houses, a sheep farm-which I hadn't seen in Indiana-and hills and forests-which I rarelys see in Indiana. It was a nice Sunday drive. The rest of the day was an adventure as well, but I'll save that story for later. It's bedtime.

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