Good night!

It's late. I am, yet again, still awake at this hour. But, wonderfully, tonight, I am not up this late because of schoolwork! It has been a wonderful day. I've actually talked to people. First, this evening, I had my CS Lewis & Friends Seminar class where we discussed the last half of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is one of my favorite things to do. Delightful. Then I had small group, where we discussed our favorite bible stories/passages and why. I definitely got new and fresh perspectives on passages I haven't ever looked at, or, at least, not for a long time. The theme through most the passages we picked revolved around God being a stronghold during the storms of life. Although circumstances seem uncertain and unstable, God is faithful and is there. I often need to be reminded of that, and we found lots of good stories tonight to demonstrate God's faithfulness. I'll probably write about the ones I picked out later.
After small group, I got to listen to one of my girls tell me all about the youth retreat she got to be a part of through my church last weekend. It sounds like God really worked, and she got to be a part of it. I love it when that happens- when God is doing something and he lets us get in line with it. She jumped in and did that last weekend, and it sounds like it was awesome.
Then I got to talk to Josh for an hour-ish. That always is the highlight of my night. He was in town tonight- his bible study group came for an end-of-the-year get-together at Ivanhoe's, an ice-cream shop nearby- but the people he brought in his car needed to get back to Ball State, so I didn't get to see him. :( That's alright, its sounds like it was a good time for him and his friends while they were here.
Hmm. I ought to get to bed. I spent a while tonight cleaning spyware off my roommates computer. (Mainly this and this) Spyware is icky. And she had plenty ickiness to clean off. Yuck. Hopefully it's all gone now. We'll see, when I let her plug her computer back into the network.

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