blue + yellow

This blue-glass Ball jar is awesome. These bright yellow daffodils are even more awesome, especially since they're growing in my yard. Well, these particular flowers are no longer growing in my yard, because they're now decorating my table. but there's plenty more flowers where these came from. And they make me happy.

I'm discovering there's no use for fitness equipment or gym memberships this spring, as the warmer temperatures are getting us outside and active. Saturday, after I finished starting some seeds, Josh had been working on our bikes, and said "Wanna ride to lunch?!" I started thinking of the restaurants within two miles of our house (yes, our house with a walkscore of 12/100) "Well, do you want to go to McDonalds, or Wendys, or Subway, or Mudsocks- though after a bike ride, we won't be dressed for that, or..." "How about Chipotle?" "Um, isn't that kind of far?" "Nah." And so we did it, and took a meandering trip there through neighborhood roads, and a much more direct path back, resulting in a 9+ mile round trip. Not that bad, I suppose, but it reminded me how out-of-shape I am! As usual, Chipotle did not disappoint, and was delicious.

What have you been up to as spring has sprung?


Judy T said...

Beautiful flowers. We've been outside a lot this past week tearing out an old fence although it is cool and rainy today. Our daffodils are just starting to poke their heads above ground.

affectioknit said...

Lovely - flowers are still more than a month away here - yours look so springy...

Briana said...

Love your flowers. Beautiful!!!! My bulbs always come up a couple weeks later than everyone else because we live in the "country" and it must be colder when they are exposed like that!

Chipolte is my favorite place! Wish it was within biking distance for me! :) or maybe not! LOL!

Joanna said...

Briana- Next Indy blogger meet-up needs to be at Chipotle. I'm all for it.


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