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There are lots and lots of money-saving blogs out there. Many of them are very good, complete, understandable, and have great tips. I had quite a collection I was subscribed to (and I still do!) but I was finding myself needing to sift through the deals listed to find the deals that applied to me. I don't have any Publix, Safeways, Food Lions, Rite Aids, or many of the other drug store & grocery stores highlighted on the blogs.

Also, did you know in markets other than Indianapolis and Chicago, Meijer runs their sales Sunday-Saturday rather than Thursday-Wednesday? At least a few times, I showed up at Meijer with coupons in hand after reading about "this week's deals" on Monday, only to discover the sales don't start here until Thursday! Annoying!

Then someone passed along a tip on Twitter: The best money saving blogs for you are the ones that are local to you. I was skeptical, but did a quick search, and have found high-quality frugality blogs in my area! That list sales and coupon match-ups that actually apply to me! WHEN they apply to me!

For those of you in Central Indiana, here's a list of some I've been checking lately:
Bargain Briana
IN Good Cents
The Cheapsk8Mom
Queen of Free
Frugal Indy
Lizzy's Language

Any other Indiana couponing/frugal blogs you there I should add to my list? If you're not in the Indy area, how do you find local deals? Do you "read local"?


James Kubecki said...

A friend of ours maintains these blogs:

Lizzy's LanguageLila's Pockets

Joanna said...

Thanks, James! I'll add them to my list!

Tamely said...

Thanks for the links !!! I've been looking for some Indy people.

"The Queen of Free" said...

Thanks for the link Lady Joanna. You don't realize how long it took me to figure out the Meijer Thursday/Sunday thing! ;) I'm such a geek.

Barb said...

Joanna - what key words did you search on to find the local blogs? Your advice is good to find local blogs. I live in Milwaukee and my search didn't come up with the right types of blogs.

Joanna said...

Barb- It's not the easiest. I'd start here, the Blogger search, with some combination of "frugal", "coupon", "Milwaukee", "Wisconsin" When you find a match, click around to see if you can figure out where the blog is located, using the search on the site. To get you started, check out Common Sense With Money, Frugal Gossip & Cheaper By The Dozen And Get One Free

LizzyLanguage said...

Thanks for the link, Joanna!


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