Cameraphone Captures O' the Week

Thsi post is running a couple days late. Sorry 'bout that.

I learned to play this board game, Puerto Rico, last week. It has a steep learning curve, but is fun in the end. It took us 2 lunches to play. This is the board setup after 1 lunch.

These are EMTs and firefighters in the lobby of one of our favorite restaurants, Scotty's, after a patron fell and hit her head. She was OK, but there was much to-do.

This is little Lexi, less than 4 weeks old. She's my cousin-in-law's first daughter. Pictures of her baby shower are here.
This is me playing with Lexi's youngest older brother (she has 3 older brothers, poor girl!)


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness... it's a GIRL! I thought the in-laws never had girls. ;)

Joanna said...

Actually, the first thing Josh said when he saw her was "Oh! So that's what a girl looks like!" Then, to me, "Don't get your hopes up."


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