God of technology

God is God. He created us, and everything on earth is His, right? Human innovation is only because of the intelligence and gifts He bestows. I came across an interesting hymn I had never heard before that praises this, and makes me see what I do with technology in a whole new way:

God of concrete, God of steel,
[from The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971 edition)]

God of concrete, God of steel,
God of piston and of wheel,
God of pylon, God of steam,
God of girder and of beam,
God of atom, God of mine:
all the world of power is thine.

Lord of cable, Lord of rail,
Lord of freeway and of mail,
Lord of rocket and of flight,
Lord of soaring satellite,
Lord of lightning’s flashing line:
all the world of speed is thine.

Lord of science, Lord of art,
Lord of map and graph and chart,
Lord of physics and research,
Word of Bible, Faith of church,
Lord of sequence and design:
all the world of truth is thine.

God whose glory fills the earth,
gave the universe its birth,
loosed the Christ with Easter’s might,
saves the world from evil’s blight,
claims us all by grace divine:
all the world of love is thine.

The third verse is my favorite. It brings together all truth and beauty and claims it for God, as is right.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting that - it's wonderful.


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