No right answers

J-term has begun- the whirlwind month where a 4-credit-hour course is squeezed into the space of three and a half weeks. On top of four hours of teh same class today, I'm attempting to work 10 hours a week, which keeps me busy at the beginning of the week, at least.
So, The class I'm tackling this month is Art as Experience. I've gone into it a bit worried-I know nothing of art and less of music, and these are the primary subjects of the course. On top of that, the class is entirely subjective, which is driving me nuts. The concept of there being no right answer, or more than one right answer, rubs me the wrong way. I'm used to computer, math, and science classes where you learn facts and procedures and clear cut definitions, not themes and styles with fuzzy lines. Even when the teacher is lecturing, he often defines the vocabulary by example or analogy, not with a clear definition. The textbook is the exact same way- it doesn't define themes, styles, or vocabulary words, it uses examples and expects the reader to understand exactly what its getting at. This is frustrating to me. The professor calls the book 'inductive'. I call it 'wordy and vague'.
So that's my J-term class. On the up-side, we're going on 3 field trips- to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, to Columbus, IN, and to Beef & Boards. I'm excited about the field trips.
Hopefully the field trip Thursday will happen. We're supposed to get 1/2 inch of ice tonight.
From the National Weather Service:

I think class should be cancelled tomorrow because the NWS says walking there would be hazardous.
Other good stuff that happened today: I got my driver's license renewed with no trouble this morning. I got my homework done early. Josh surprised me this evening & came up and had coffee with me on his way to South Bend. I worked out (!). AND I'm getting to bed early. So I must go. Goodnight.

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