Stuckey Farm Adventure!


It's not my favorite season. I don't love fall. I love spring, with similar temperatures, and more mud- but Fall to me is Dying while Spring represents life. Fall is the foreboding of Winter, which I hate, while Spring is the Hope of Warmth after long Winter days.

That said, this fall is redeeming itself. Mostly by still being in the high 70s while approaching the middle of the month. Also, this:

Stuckey Farm near Sheridan, Indiana is having their annual festivals through October. We got a sneak peek, and explored the corn maze, picked apples, found a pumpkin, and Elliott Can't. Stop. Talking about riding on the tractors. ("Tractor pulling a trailer!", "Little tractor!", "Bumblee tractor!") It was a blast. Totally worth the trip to the country.

We can always pick up a bag of apples at the grocery store, but to let my toddler grab the low-hanging fruit from one of the rows of trees heavy with apples? Makes a much better memory.


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