Brain dump

Mostly, I've been at work, or sick, or taking care of someone in the house who has been sick, or helping run the store. Mostly I haven't been cleaning my house or putting away laundry. The days have been full and busy, but good. Except for the sick days- those haven't been so good.

Did I mention we weathered a bout of chicken pox? This parenting badge isn't one that many in our generation will earn- most kids get the vaccine before they come in contact with the disease. I have NO IDEA where we caught it, but Elliott was a trooper, and we came out of it just fine. Bonus: no shots!

The store's going pretty great. I love meeting all the other cloth diapering families in the area. It's FUN. We're learning how to keep things in stock before the shelves go bare, and are only having moderate success. Right now, we're pretty well stocked, and looking forward to adding new products that people have been asking for. I'm been doing my best to learn how to run a business' social media presence, and feel pretty good about how it's going, even though I'm not blogging as often as I probably should. Josh is doing the Actual Real Hard Work of running the business; I get to do the fun stuff.

Last week, I took a couple days off my Real Job to staff a booth at a local kids' consignment sale for our business, to hand out cards and sell diapers. Mostly, I sold swim diapers and training pants, and handed out a LOT of cards. I saw lots of moms I know from church, college, high school, even. I saw a glimpse of the world I very rarely see- the daytime lives of other moms.

Elliott has solidly crossed the line from Baby to Toddler. His words are still few: dada, dog, duck, woof woof, nose, "oosh" (for shoe), uh-oh, "wa-wa" (for water/food), hi, bye-bye. He says "ow" for hair, because I say "Ow" when he pulls my hair. He can point to his (or someone else's) nose, eye, ear, mouth, foot. He makes awesome Vroom noises when he plays with his toy car. He runs. He walks backwards. He's not a big climber yet, thank goodness. He isn't a terribly picky eater yet- he likes vegetables and beans and meat along with the normal toddler diet of cheese and Cheerios. He still loves to nurse, and is very adept at using the sign for nursing to let me know what he wants. He signs "all done" too, sort of.

We're getting outside as much as we can. I am not complaining about the record warmth we've had- it's ridiculous, but wonderful.

And, the big Toddler Milestone he reached last weekend- he got the keys to his first Cozy Coupe:
We're off this weekend (after the store closes) to a mini-getaway with Josh's family. It will be fun to spend time with everyone. There's an indoor pool/water park at the inn we're staying at, and it's silly how excited I am about Elliott's new swim diaper in a camping print. This nice warm weather has got me excited for camping already!

Until the next time I blog (with my awesome once-a-month average lately), check out this article on why being a mom of a boy matters. I had thought of this before- there's Mother/Daughter Teas, Daddy/Daughter Dances, Father/Son Camping trips, but what do Mommy and Son get to do? The bit of research into why a Mom matters in her son's life was some encouragement today!


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

There's a Swimmi in campign print?????????? Ahh and I just bought a new swim diaper too!!! Bah.

Joanna B said...

Ashley - Isn't it cute?? I think it works for a boy despite the purple on it. Camping! Yay!

(What's awful is, we don't even carry this print in the store. I should have ordered enough so OTHER people could have it, but, instead I was all selfish and just ordered one, for Elliott :-P Lemme know if you want me to order one for you, too)


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