Eleven Months

Super-Slacker Mom here. Elliott's been eleven months old for almost a week, and I haven't commemorated the occasion with a blog post. Well, here it is!

We're only holding his hands so he
doesn't run out of the picture

As usual, this was a big month. About three weeks ago, I finally declared Elliott "Walking" as opposed to just taking steps. He's off! He loves his new-found freedom to get places while carrying toys (or, lately, while waving a spatula around. Can't do that while you're crawling!)

This kid, sometime this month, turned into a toddler. I mean, I don't think it's just the walking thing. He's copying us more and playing games. He likes tickling Daddy as much as Daddy likes tickling him! When he's in a shirt, pants and shoes, I forget he's just a little baby, and I expect him to come over and have a conversation with me about the merits of sippy cup design. (He doesn't, but if he did, he'd wax poetical about the superiority of the straw cups to the ones you have to tip.)
Our lazy Thanksgiving morning

He celebrated other Firsts this month- his first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving. Halloween was somewhat anticlimactic, since I didn't let him eat any candy. It was an excuse to go visit family- which always makes for a good evening.

Thanksgiving was celebrated twice: once early at our house with my side of the family, and once in Lebanon with Josh's side. He was a good eater at both parties, and demonstrated his love for green beans and corn. Thanksgiving morning was a dream, for me. I turned on the Macy's parade, watching closely for my alma mater's marching band to make an appearance. Elliott danced to the almost-constant music and played in the living room. I let him play with his beloved spatula while I fixed a couple dishes for that afternoon. Something about the slowness of the morning, the quiet, the fun- I did my best to treasure it, since I get so few slow mornings.

One month until this little guy has made a full trip around the sun. One month until I have been wearing the badge "Mom" for an entire year. Wow.


Anonymous said...

I adore the second photo! :)
Great Auntie Mary is ready for another dose of cuteness soon!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love these pics!!



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