Eight months

Hi there! Elliott here. I'm a big EIGHT MONTHS OLD now, so I can write my own blog posts. I don't need mom to do it anymore. She's letting me type as long as I don't drool on the keyboard.

It's not like she has time to write a blog post anyway, with the way I'm keeping her busy! She gets home from work about 15 minutes after when I'd REALLY like her home, so as soon as she's home, I insist she hold me and feed me non-stop ( I miss her a lot). She loves it, though. Sometimes she makes me stay on the floor while she works in the kitchen. I can't have her doing all the chores, though, so I try to help. I think she appreciates it.

The rest of my day is pretty awesome. I spend the morning riding in the car with daddy, playing, and napping. I practice talking, too, and say "mmmmm" and "eh eh" and "dadada dadaad" pretty much all day. Dad's pretty excited about that. Also, a couple of weeks ago, we started regularly having something called "lunch", where I get yummy food in the middle of the day. Anytime I see mom or dad eating now, I demand to try some. I mean, it's only fair. I'm a growing boy.

Right now, my favorite thing to do during playtime goes like this: Crawl crawl crawl. Pull up on the nearest thing taller than me. Look around. Hit it a couple times. Plop down. Crawl crawl crawl. Repeat. Sometimes I bang blocks on the table or play in big brother Casey's crate. It makes lots of noise. I'm really good at making lots of noise. I'll be cruising soon- you just wait.

Me and dad, we have another project we're working on: putting new siding on the house. He climbs ladders, hammers a lot, and carries lots of stuff. Mostly, I watch. But, sometimes he lets me help! I like the green color mom and dad chose.
Here, I'm climbing the ladder.

Here, I'm eating the hammer. Yum.

Last month, I also got to meet lots of new people, most of who are related to me somehow. We went to a big park and got together for my second family reunion. I met a second cousin who was just my size! We hung out, and she shared her toys. We were supposed to go swimming, but then it got stormy. I was brave through the thunder! Mostly, I slept. Later in the month, I met more nice people at my aunt's in-laws' house. I'm not really sure of the official relation they are to me, but I still really liked them.

The only downside to this month was all these teeth that are making my mouth hurt. I thought the two teeth I have on the bottom were enough, why do I need more? I've got one more on the top now, and am working on a couple more. See?

Well, that's all this eight month old has to say. I'll let mom have the laptop back now. Hope to talk to you soon!
Elliott Casper

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Anonymous said...

Awww, it made my day to be in your first blog post, Elliott! I love being an auntie-in-law for the first time. Please come over again, as I can never have enough baby time, as you could tell. You are a darling and I could just eat you up!


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