He started perpendicular to where he is in the picture, under the activity gym, on his back. Josh says every time he put him down yesterday, he'd roll over. I witnessed it over and over last night. Once he's on his belly, though, he doesn't really know what to do, and sometimes gets mad, sometimes rolls back to his back. Also, I'm discovering I need to vacuum more often, or all the dog hair from the floor sticks to a baby face covered in teething drool.

How many days will it be until he figures out he can get places with this rolling thing? We're on the verge of a (somewhat) Mobile Baby!


Stacy said...

Won't be long now! He'll figure it out soon!

Karen said...

It didn't take Judah long at all to figure that out! Ha. He pretty much started rolling all over the living room the day he figured out how to control his rolling. Elliott isn't far behind!

When the rolling around the living room started, Judah also took an interest in grabbing things he's not supposed to have. His mission in life is to get to my computer cord someday. Watch out!

Gretchen said...

He's SO big now! And of course totally cute too!


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