Playtime: the Carseat Bug

On the last day of our birth class, we had a quiz game over some of the facts we learned over the course of the Bradley method class. We came in second place, and got to choose a prize from a basket of baby supplies and toys. We already had many of the supplies, so chose this little car seat toy bug thing. (Thanks, Amy!)

For the first many weeks of Elliott's life, he didn't even notice it, and I thought it was pretty useless.

Then, all of a sudden, around the time he started enjoying mobiles, he started staring at it, like it was the Coolest Toy Ever. A couple weeks later, he started batting at it like a punching bag, and he was entertained in the car for quite a while. This way-longer-than-necessary video shows him in the early days of "bopping" when his hand-eye coordination wasn't so great. But, he put a lot of effort into aiming!

When his coordination got up to the task, he'd grab the wings of the bug and hang on. Now, he coos and talks to his bug in the backseat, grabs it all the time, and, when we get to our destination, if he has to stay in his seat, I'll pop it off the handle of the car seat, and he'll manipulate the bug with his hands. It's one of his favorite toys, no batteries required!


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

He is such a cutie! You can really see that he's looking less like a newborn and more like a baby. :-) I can see you and Josh in him! But I can't decide who he looks like more...

We had a toy very similar to that, except it was a lamb. It was a favorite of Savannah's. Tree's dog chewed it up, and I actually went out and bought another one. :-)

Joanna said...

He's definitely more like a Baby than a Newborn now! I've lost count of how many weeks old he is and just count by months now.

Everyone says he looks just like Josh. Every now & then, Josh & I think he looks like my dad. Only once have I had someone say he looks anything like me. Alas.

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

If he isn't one of the most adorable babies in the world than I am blind. Oh my goodness!


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