Three Months

Has it been a quarter of a year already? Have you, Elliott, been the center of my world for that long?

The other day, I was watching you as you wiggled under one of your toys. You aimed your fist carefully, and bopped the mobile over your head. After a few more bops, you hit it open-handed and grabbed it, and seemed unsure of how to let go, just hanging on. You study everything, all the time, with so much seriousness. I'm in awe of how, in these few short weeks since Christmas, you've gone from being a quiet part of me curled up inside, to your own person, having a personality and mind all your own, learning, watching, figuring out this big world. Your "fourth trimester" has come to an end, and you're ready to set off on adventure!

This third month brought a lot of changes in our routine. I've been back at the office full time for three weeks, which means you get to stay home and play with daddy during the day. You both seem pretty happy with the arrangement. I miss you two during the day, but don't worry at all, since I know you're in good hands. I get all my snuggle time in the evenings and on weekends, which I can't get enough of!

Your favorite activity seems to be wiggling like crazy on your back or in a seat, under a toy if it's available, but it isn't necessary. Flailing must be a lot of fun! Your new trick this month was rolling over from your tummy to your back. You don't like being on your tummy very much, and if you're in a particularly energetic mood, you'll push yourself over to your back rather than just screaming at the floor until I flip you over. Everyone who sees you coos over how big you're getting and how cute you are, and you tend to flash them a big smile, which delights family, friends, and strangers to no end. You continue to be an overall "easy baby". For this, and everything, Daddy and I are thankful.

We love you!

Dressing in the same colors here was entirely unintentional.

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