On not being a supermom

Superhero punching action!
From the outside, it might look like I'm trying to be a supermom. I have a birth that went without a hitch. I'm breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. I'm working 40 hours a week. The house isn't a total disaster. We're staying involved in a small group bible study and volunteering at church. I'm starting to plan the garden. Elliott's really, really cute and growing like crazy (He gained more than 5 lbs in his first 2 months!). Admittedly, things are going really well.

Thing is, I'm not Supermom.

  • I had easy, beautiful pregnancy and birth, but I know that was luck more than effort.
  • Breastfeeding for the first two or three weeks was hard and painful, even though it's "not supposed to hurt". I didn't ask for help like I should have.
  • I love my Moby and Ergo, but can't figure out my ring sling, of all things.
  • I prefer cloth diapering because, apparently, I'm really bad at diapering, and every time I tried to put a disposable on him, it'd leak. I have better luck with cloth.
  • I'm only able to work because my mom and Josh have sacrificed to help with Elliott and around the house so I could get stuff done.
  • When I try to work and take care of Elliott at the same time, I feel bad that he's not getting the attention I want him to have.
  • He's covered in spit up and I'm covered in spit up pretty much all the time, and I can never manage to have a burp cloth handy. This kid is a spit up machine.
  • There are things I swore I'd never do as a mom that took just a couple days for me to decide otherwise. 
  • Church responsibilities are barely getting taken care of- again, I'm thankful for all the help I've gotten.
  • Small group friends have been the best support, and brought us meals for a month after Elliott was born. I don't know what we would have otherwise.
  • Now, we eat out more than I'd like to admit.
  • I'm obviously not doing a good job being a 'mom blogger', with as few posts as I've written!
I'm loving being a mom, but most the time I'm feel like I'm just muddling through. I suppose that's the story of all new parents. Maybe I'll attain Supermom status someday, but it's already looking unlikely. Elliott's going to have to find another superhero, I'm afraid. 

I nominate his dad.


Andrea Moberly said...

don't worry, the only super-moms I know are exhausted and burnt out. The real moms I know recognize the type of things you can let go of! Keep it up and you'll be fine :)

Jes said...

Thanks for writing this Joanna! It's so easy as a mom to look at other moms and think they have it all together. and it's even harder as a mom to admit you don't!! Although deep down everyone knows there's no way ANY person could have it all together, it's still a thought.
You are doing a great job adjusting to mommyhood, and I can't even imagine working as a mom! oh, and you're also raising a very adorable little man!!

Anonymous said...

Joanna, you're a wonderful mom. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Praying for you and Josh to enjoy this time with your new son and to give your worries to our Lord.

Beth@TheNaturalMommy said...

Joanna, you're doing great! This time of adjustment is normal. You'll figure out your new normal, don't worry. :-) the first step is realizing you can't do everything, and the next step is prioritizing. You're halfway there! Lol. (I stayed in denial a lot longer than you!) enjoy your beautiful baby!

cachet said...

she doesn't exist.
is she did, we'd have to take her down. ;)

Stacy said...

Yes, thanks for writing this. I feel you!


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